Family dentistry includes a range of dental services for patients of all ages. Family Dental Group is home to some of the best family dentists in Maryland, offering exceptional care to the residents of Laguna Hills.


Family dentistry is no different from standard dentistry, except it is practiced by family dentists who are qualified to care for people of all ages. Children have different dental needs than adults, meaning they need to be seen by different dental professionals. A family dentist can care for both children and adults, so the whole family can receive the care they need under one roof. This also means that our younger patients don’t have to relocate to another practice as they grow older.


At Family Dental Group, we offer many family dentistry treatments to provide our patients with all the services necessary to help them achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful teeth. These treatments include:

Family Dental Group is Maryland’s premier family dentistry practice, nurturing lifelong relationships with older and younger patients alike. Our treatments help patients of all ages achieve their dental goals and maintain a beautiful smile. We proudly serve patients from the Laguna Hills.