Orthodontics treatments such as braces can produce incredible results, but can require months or more of treatment. If you are looking for a way to get the results from orthodontics treatments without the lengthy treatment time, you may want to consider accelerated orthodontics at Family Dental Group. We proudly serve patients in the Laguna Hills.


Accelerated orthodontics is a method of orthodontic treatment that can significantly reduce the amount of time required for a braces treatment. This technique is combined with traditional orthodontic devices like braces or Invisalign®. Typically, a minor surgical procedure is performed to encourage faster movement of the teeth, reducing the amount of time required for treatment.


At Family Dental Group, we use the Propel system of accelerated orthodontics. The Propel technique involves making minuscule holes into the bones in the jaw, making them more pliable, and easing the movement of the teeth. This process also stimulates bone growth, so the jaw bones are able to quickly recover and regain their original strength. When Propel is used in combination with an active braces treatment, it can reduce treatment time by approximately 50%. This means that patients can complete their orthodontics treatment within mere months.


The Propel system allows the teeth to move significantly faster than with traditional braces orthodontic treatment, so you will have to come into the office more frequently for adjustments. However, most patients are good candidates for accelerated orthodontics and can achieve much faster results with the Propel system.

If you are interested in accelerated orthodontics, contact us today to learn more about the Propel process or schedule an appointment. Family Dental Group offers accelerated orthodontics to all orthodontics patients, and welcomes those from the Laguna Hills.