Most patients will need to have dental X-rays performed at some point as part of their regular dentist appointments. X-rays are a great technique that allow dentists to see how the teeth are developing and responding to treatment. Family Dental Group uses dental X-rays to optimize the treatment of patients in Laguna Hills.


Dental X-rays are X-rays of the teeth and jaw that allow dentists to examine how the teeth are developing and reacting to treatment. This allows dentists to customize the treatment based upon the condition of your teeth, and can also help them catch any major issues before they fully develop. Dental X-rays are often performed before and during braces treatments, as well as a number of other treatments. Dentists can even catch cavities and other oral infections through the use of dental X-rays.


Typically, spacers will be placed in the mouth to ensure that the teeth are in the proper position before the X-ray. X-rays are captured quickly and is a painless procedure. Patients sit comfortably through the process as the X-ray images are taken. The X-rays are instantly available for your dentist to look at.


Family Dental Group has access to some of the most advanced dental technology available, including the iTero® scanner system. This is similar to an X-ray, and is used for many treatments including Invisalign®. The iTero® system digitally scans the teeth to create incredibly accurate crowns, implants, bridges, and more. This revolutionary machine can even create a digital image of what a patient’s teeth will look like after treatment.

Dental X-rays are a simple process that are involved in most dental treatments. To learn more about the process or to determine if you will need X-rays, contact us today. Family Dental Group is Maryland’s premier dentistry practice, serving patients in the Laguna Hills.